Save Money on Your Life Insurance

Saving money on your life insurance doesn’t mean that you have to cut back coverage. After all, life insurance is designed to protect your family’s finances when you pass on. So that you don’t skimp on coverage and impact your family’s future, take a look at these discounts for life insurance Red Hook, NY.

Non-smoker discount: If you haven’t smoked or used any sort of tobacco products in the last few years, you can get a significant discount on many life insurance policies.

Exercise discount: We all know how exercise can benefit our health. If you regularly workout, tell your insurer. You may be entitled to lower premiums.

Lifestyle discount: There are certain hobbies that can raise life insurance premiums, such as skydiving or rock climbing. If you’ve given up these hobbies, tell your insurer.

Educator discount: Some insurers extend discounts to teachers and those working in the field of education.

Homeownership discount: Owning a home can mean you get lower insurance premiums, even if your home insurance policy is through a different carrier.

Multi-product discount: Many insurance companies sell other products besides life insurance. By bundling your life insurance with home, auto, business, renters, or watercraft insurance, you can save money and only operate under one insurer.

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