How to Improve Company Culture

Better your business with these simple tips on how to improve company culture.

As a business owner, you spend your day in the trenches, growing your client base, tracking sales, and planning your next big move. You may not have much energy left to pursue more unusual ambitions like building company culture. But creating the sort of workplace culture that will help you attract and retain the top employees should be a priority, no matter what your business industry. For easy ways on how to improve company culture, read on.

Allow employees to work from home.

Many businesses think that employees working from home will hinder their business. In reality, the opposite is true. Staff should be allowed to work from home as long as there is confidence they can do their job to the same standard as in the office. If you state in your guidelines that vacation is not necessary if deliveries have to be taken at home or the dog needs to be taken to the vet, then you’re already improving the morale of your team.

Remove hierarchies.

The ‘open door’ policy is now the ‘no-door’ policy. It’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘us’ and ‘them’ when leadership is behind closed doors. An open floor plan in the office creates an environment for ideas to flow and concerns to be addressed quickly.

Empower trust.

Most of what goes on in your business isn’t visible to you, the business owner. It’s important for leaders to empower and trust their co-workers to make the right decisions, and that means asking for their voice and entrusting them with responsibilities. The benefits of trusting others far outweigh the fear that mistakes will be made.


The most important thing to do for your company is to listen to those who are part of it. From implementing a company-wide survey to asking someone how his or her day is going, it’s important to understand your team. Foster the type of environment where your co-workers feel comfortable to reach out, no matter their status in the company.
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