Protecting Commonly Stolen Home Possessions Through Homeowners Insurance in Hudson, NY!

homeowners insurance in Hudson, NYPrevent thieves from eyeballing your precious goods with quality home security and homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY.

When one thinks of home burglaries, it’s natural to think of masked thieves carefully targeting your home to rid it of your prized possessions – from your new sound system to your expensive, limited edition, 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar coin… No? Just us? Either way, thieves target your most loved possessions because they are often something of monetary value.
To protect your home, coin collection, and more, it’s important to remember that not all thefts take place while you’re sleeping. Eliminate your vision of a masked burglar creeping into your home in the dead of night! In actuality, most home robberies are a result of an unexpected opportunity for a thief, e.g. your front door is left wide open and you are nowhere in sight.
Below is a list of the 10 most commonly stolen (and sought-after) home goods that you should take extra precautions to protect!
Bicycles: Take photos of your bike and make a note of any numbers that it may have. This will make it easier to track down!
Cell phones: Ensure that all passcodes and safety features are turned on.
Power tools: Keep these locked away in a shed or in the garage.
Laptops:  Never leave your laptop in plain sight! Store it in a drawer if necessary.
Tablets:  Store these safely out of sight.
Cameras:  Invest in a quality bag to protect it and hide it away.
Golfing equipment:  Store these in a cupboard or in the garage.
Gardening tools:  These should be kept behind a locked shed or garage door.
Audio equipment:  Store these away safely and always note serial numbers and model numbers.
TVs:  Keep your doors locked at all times!

Installing a burglar alarm or adding an extra security light is added protection for your home and belongings. Never be without your much-loved items by securing quality homeowners insurance in Hudson, NY! Contact Lofgren Agency, serving Hudson and the neighboring cities in New York, with tailored insurance policies!

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