Home Heating Safety Suggestions

homeowners insurance hudson nyYour Guide To Staying Safe While Staying Warm
In the thick of winter, your home offers a refuge. You get to shake off the snow from the day when you walk in your front door and get cozy and comfortable in your warm abode. To ensure your home’s heat stays where you set the thermostat and does not escalate to a blaze, use these fire prevention guidelines.

  • Fireplaces/Woodstoves: If you have a wood-burning heat source in your home, have it and its chimney professionally inspected and cleaned each year. Invest in a screen to keep sparks in so you do not have to worry about an errant flame. Do not close your damper until the ashes of a fire are cold. Otherwise, the fire could grow hot again and release dangerous carbon monoxide into your home.
  • Space Heaters: Make sure your space heater is at least three feet away on all sides from anything flammable. Never leave a space heater unattended in a room, and always turn it off before you go to bed. If you have to use an extension cord with your space heater, choose one that is bigger than the space heater’s cord. It is wise to invest in a space heater that features an automatic shutoff.
  • Central Heating: Unless you have industry experience with furnace maintenance and repairs, do not try to service yours yourself. Call in a professional annually to inspect it, and make sure that you turn to the pros for any needed repairs.

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