Tricks for a Hauntingly Healthy HalloweenThis year, have a hauntingly healthy Halloween!

For most children, Halloween is one of the best nights of the year. Kids get to go all out in full costume, roam the neighborhood with their friends, and get free candy, so who can blame them? However, with easy access to more sweets, children are facing the most amount of cavities in over 40 years. Alongside this, childhood obesity is still at an all-time high. This year, have a healthy Halloween that won’t send your child running to the dentist!
On Halloween night, the average child eats between 3,500 to 7,000 calories worth of treats, with many left over to last a week worth of calories! Although, experts in healthcare say that there is nothing wrong with allowing your child to eat some candy on Halloween night, the amount of sugar and processed foods should be reduced.
Ensure that this Halloween is not a dentist or doctor nightmare:

  • Fill up before heading out
    If you provide a meal or a filling snack for your children before trick-or-treating, they will eat fewer pieces of candy during the night. Provide a healthy and nutritious dinner prior to the trick-or-treating fun.
  • Hand out healthy treats
    Non-sugary foods can still be fun! Why not hand out pretzels, apples, bananas, or oranges as a treat! The sugar content in fruit is still high enough to satisfy their sweet tooth, but without preservatives and nasties.
  • Walk it out
    Encourage your children to walk from house to house instead of driving them. Not only will this control how much candy your kids will receive (only from local houses), it’ll get your child moving about.
  • Give away extra candy
    Consider donating a pile of collected candy to a local senior citizen home, food pantry, or a children’s hospital to show a sign of good faith and to reduce the temptation of sugary snacking. Better yet, don’t visit any more houses once a small trick-or-treat bag is full.

This Halloween night, be sure to take precautions in protecting your child’s health and teach them a valuable lesson of giving. Contact the professionals at Lofgren Agency to secure the right levels of insurance protection that can protect your family through Halloween and beyond in Hudson, New York!

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