Grilling Tips: Charcoal vs Propane

Grilling with Propane and Charcoal

Outdoor grilling is a great way to cook food for summer holidays, sporting events, family reunions, or even Saturday afternoons. It can be a fun social event, a laid-back date, or a way for all of the family to cook together. However, it should not be forgotten that grills can get extremely hot and can cause injuries, burns, and fires. They should always be handled with caution.
Whether you grill with propane or charcoal, these safety tips are for you!
Charcoal Grill:

  • Only use charcoal starter fluid (not gasoline or other non-approved flammable liquids)
  • When you finish grilling, allow some time for the coals to cool before disposing of the ashes
  • Dispense the ashes or coals in a metal container for disposal

Propane Grill:

  • Always check the propane tank hose for holes and cracks before using the grill
  • If you believe that there is a leak or smell gas while operating the grill, turn it off immediately and get a qualified professional to evaluate it before you use it again
  • If a leak does not stop, immediately get everyone away from the grill and call 911

It is important to take proper care of the propane tanks, as well as safely lighting charcoals. Proper maintenance of the grill will keep danger away and allow you to cook in peace. Nothing extinguishes a relaxing weekend BBQ quicker than an unwanted, unmanageable fire.
These tips will ensure you have a fun and safe time using your backyard grill. To be better equipped for any accidents that may happen, contact Lofgren Agency for the best coverage for home insurance in Hudson, NY. We will ensure that you receive the best policy coverage and price to suit you.

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