Put your business’s best foot forward by offering the right benefits.

For many employees, the benefits plan offered by their employers is as important, if not more so, than salary or wages. This is especially true of medical insurance for the worker and his or her family as uninsured illnesses or accidents can wreck financial havoc. Employee benefits aren’t cheap but offering the right ones can result in attracting the right workers.
Medical Insurance
This is one of the most basic benefits for full-time employees. Medical insurance may or may not insurance vision and dental benefits, but a basic policy should be included. When employers and employees contribute to medical insurance, more generous plans can be offered.
Life Insurance
Even though the amount of life insurance offered to a worker’s compensation or named beneficiary may vary, the basic benefit offered by the employer is generally equal to the worker’s annual salary. Be sure to allow employees to purchase additional life insurance through the business’s insurance company.
Disability Insurance
Selection of this coverage may depend on the type of employment. This coverage pays benefits after a certain time period when an employee is involved in an accident or contracts an illness, resulting in disability.
Paid vacations and holidays are a basic employee benefit. The amount of paid time off generally depends on the length of time the employee has worked for the company, with a certain number of vacation hours accruing for a fixed number of working hours.
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