Does My Health Insurance Cover Past Medical Bills?

A health insurance policy is one of the best ways to get coverage against rising medical bills and keep your savings intact. A health insurance policy typically covers all medical expenses as per the terms and conditions stated in the policy documents.

The covered costs include pre-hospitalization and medical tests, but any medical services provided before or after the effective dates of the insurance policy will not be covered.

Health Insurance Begins on the Effective Date

Every health insurance plan comes with an effective date when the coverage begins. Before the date, the insurance company isn’t liable to pay anything. In most cases, the effective date isn’t immediate; it could be more than a month away.

For the coverage to take effect, one must complete the enrollment form and pay the first month’s premium. After completing both, the insurance kicks in. It’s recommended to call your insurance company to confirm the day the coverage will go into effect. If your health insurance isn’t adequate, delay medical services.

Can Health Insurance Be Backdated?

Some employers allow a 30-day grace period to enroll in health insurance after the effective date. They will then backdate the coverage to the date you were initially eligible.

In such a scenario, one still must pay the back premium to the effective date.

Health Insurance Covers You During the Plan Year

In layman’s terms, the plan year is when the health insurance policy is in effect. It is the same as the calendar year from January 1 through December 31.

The Date of Service Has to Match the Plan Year

It is the date from when the medical services will be provided. The service date should fall within the plan year for the claim to pass through, or the filed claim will be denied.

How Far Back Does Health Insurance Cover?

Although there is no set period for filing a health insurance claim, it is recommended to file claims on a timely basis. The coverage only goes back to the effective date of the policy.

Will My New Insurance Cover an Old Medical Bill?

Your new insurance cover won’t cover your old medical bill, which has a service date before the further coverage effective date.

Medical Bills After Your Health Insurance Terminates

If the policy gets terminated, any medical bills won’t be paid after the termination date.

From the above, one can understand how imperative it is to file a claim on time and ensure one files it within the plan year for the claim to pass through. The insurance company is liable to pass the claim of your old medical bill if and when the insurance was in effect on the date medical services were provided.

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