Devices, Distracted Driving, & Your Auto Insurance

Save lives and money on your auto insurance in Hudson by stowing these devices to avoid distracted driving.

We live in a distracted age. With so much information and entertainment so readily at our fingertips all the time, it’s hard not to be!
There’s one place that you really need to fight the urge to be distracted, though. Focusing on a device while behind the wheel endangers yourself, others, and your wallet. Here’s a look at devices you should stow to avoid distracted driving, saving lives and money on your auto insurance in Hudson, NY.

  • Cellphones: This one’s pretty obvious, as almost every state has laws against cell phone usage behind the wheel. There’s a good reason for those laws; according to the National Safety Council one in every four crashes today involves a cellphone. Stow yours; stay safe.
  • Navigation Systems: You might rely on your navigation system to get around, but that doesn’t have to put you in danger. It just means you need to use your system’s audio turn-by-turn directions, which will guide you from Point A to Point B without ever requiring you to take your eyes from the road.
  • Hands-free Devices: Ideally, hands-free devices should free you from danger while you use your device. In fact, though, studies have revealed that using these systems is still distracting. When you’re in the driver’s seat, it’s best to keep your attention on the task at hand – driving. Everything else can wait.

Avoiding distracted driving will help protect you, your passengers, and your vehicle. It will also help protect your wallet, since avoiding accidents will help keep your Hudson, NY auto insurance premiums at their lowest. To learn more about how simply stowing your devices can help you save, contact Lofgren Agency. We serve drivers in Chatham, Hudson, and the surrounding New York cities through premiums that reward their care out on the road!

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