Are You Getting These Discounts on Auto Insurance in Hudson, NY?

Discounts on Auto Insurance in Hudson, NYWant to save on auto insurance in Hudson, NY? Ask if you qualify for these discounts.

Paying for auto insurance can be a drag. You know you legally need to have it, but that doesn’t mean you like cutting those premium checks. Fortunately, there’s something you can do! If you want the most affordable auto insurance in Hudson, NY, ask your agent if you qualify for any of these common discounts.
Customer Loyalty
Your insurer is grateful for your continued loyalty, and they will likely be willing to show it in a very tangible way. When you renew your policy, ask if you qualify for a customer loyalty discount. This can save you an average of 6 percent.
If you’ve got a college degree or higher, you’re statistically less likely to get into an accident. Although not all insurers offer discounts for higher education, those that do can help you save about 4 percent on your premiums.
Good Driver
If you’ve got a clean driving record (i.e. no at-fault accidents or tickets), you can significantly slash your insurance cost by qualifying for a good driver discount. Generally, this discount saves you about 20 percent.
Annual Mileage
Less time on the road means less likelihood of an accident. If you drive fewer than 12,500 miles a year, you could qualify for a discount of as much as 11 percent for low annual mileage. Telecommuters and bikers, rejoice!
Advance Renewal
Renew your policy ten days before its set to expire, and your insurer might offer you a discount of as much as 10 percent.
Is your insurance agent helping you dig out every possible discount so you can get the best price on your auto insurance in Hudson, NY? For that kind of dedicated service – and great savings – contact Lofgren Agency in New York.

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