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Why Was My New York Workers’ Compensation Claim Denied?

Like every other state, New York has specific rules and laws on how Workers’ Compensation claims can be filed. If a claim does not meet these strict standards, it will be denied. Although you have the option to appeal the board’s decision, it will be up to you to provide steadfast proof of your claim. Here’s a look into the

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7 Steps to Winning Your Workers’ Comp Claim

To initiate the workers’ compensation process, an injured employee must file a workers’ comp with the employer’s insurer within the stipulated period. However, depending on the outcome of the claim investigation, the insurer may accept or reject the claim. In fact, workers’ comp insurance companies reject about 7% of workers’ comp claims every year for reasons such as ineligibility and

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A Basic Guide to Choosing the Right Business Insurance

One of the essential building blocks to running a stable business is insurance, which is a strategic form of risk management. Each organization must customize its business insurance to reflect its number of employees and type of operation. Here are essential points to know when deciding on your business insurance plan. Customizing Your Business Insurance Several factors shape the type

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Disability Insurance for Those Over 65: An Overview

Many seniors deal with severe disability, as people become more vulnerable to illness and accidents as they age. If you are below 65 years of age, disability insurance pays for some of your lost wages if you cannot do your regular work. The coverage provides monthly benefits until you turn 65, after which you can claim Social Security benefits. Here’s

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8 Effective Ways to Lower Your Workers’ Compensation Cost

Many great businesses are built on the foundation of a strong workforce. Successful business owners are aware of the importance of taking care of their employees. A workers’ compensation policy helps protect your business and your employees. How Is Workers’ Comp Cost Calculated? The cost of your worker’s compensation policy is based on a simple formula. First, insurers assign you

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